Terms & Conditions – Camping Lolotte


Article 1: Reservation

  1. When making a reservation, we enter into an agreement with each other. This is recorded in the form of a reservation confirmation, which you will receive from us by e-mail. This conformation states the matters we have agreed upon when booking, such as period, price, number of people, which camping pitch or rental object.
  2. Electricity (4 amps = 920 wattage) is not standard included with your reservation, but can be booked optionally. Unfortunately, we do not offer more amps. Therefore, our connections are not suitable for electric hobs, electric heaters or the kettle you use at home.
  3. It is also optional to book: bringing a dog (max 2).
  4. On your arrival day you are welcome from 2 p.m. and on your departure day you have to leave the campsite before 12 noon.
  5. The agreement terminates by operation of law after the expiry of the agreed period, without any notice being required.

Article 2: Payment

  1. To finalize your reservation, we ask for a (down) payment.
    1. 50% within 2 weeks of booking. The remaining amount no later than 4 weeks before arrival.
    2. If you celebrate your holiday with us within 4 weeks, we ask you to pay the full amount immediately.
  2. Your reservation is only fixed when your (down) payment, within the periods as mentioned under paragraph 1, has been received.
  3. If we have not received the (down) payment within the set period, we will send a one-time payment reminder by e-mail. If we still do not receive the (down) payment, your reservation will be cancelled by us.

Article 3: House rules

  1. By paying for your reservation, you indicate that you share the ideas of Lolotte and that you, your fellow camper(s) and any visitors and/or guest(s) will handle them with care. Read more about our ideas on our website at “about Lolotte”.
  2. By paying your reservation, you also indicate that you, your fellow campers, your visitors and/or guests will guarantee the following house rules:
    1. Pitch:
      1. Per pitch there is space for only 1 camping equipment
      2. And, in addition, 1 additional tent of max 4 m2.
      3. A maximum of 6 people per pitch, including a maximum of 2 adults.
      4. One small luggage trolley can be placed on the pitch itself.
      5. Marquees or event shelters are not allowed.
      6. Plastic sheeting under or in front of camping equipment (with the exception of groundsheet tent) are not allowed.
    2. Groups:
      1. No groups.
      2. It is possible to camp with a maximum of 1 other friendly family.
      3. Booking separately does not exempt you from this house rule.
    3. Caravans/motorhomes:
      1. No motorhomes longer than 6.5 metres (heavy motorhomes such as unimogs and fire trucks in consultation).
      2. No caravans longer than 6.5 meters, this is the length including drawbar.
    4. Car-free:
      1. Only on the day of arrival and on the day of departure, 1 car is allowed to drive to the pitch for unloading/loading.
      2. In between, it is not allowed to drive on our campsite.
      3. For campers and cars with roof tents that stay with us for more than 3 nights, an intermediate entrance and exit is possible.
    5. Park:
      1. One spot on our parking lot per reservation.
      2. There is no space for a second car or a trailer/large luggage cart in our parking lot.
    6. Our green:
      1. Treat our nature with care. For example, don’t create elephant paths through our canals, keep your showers short, don’t let children play endlessly with drinking water and don’t leave anything behind that doesn’t belong there.
    7. Campfire:
      1. Only make a fire in the communal fire pits we have constructed.
      2. Only burn untreated and dry wood.
      3. Do not use paper or cardboard.
      4. Never leave open flames unattended.
      5. In case of code red (drought or poor air quality), no fire may be made.
    8. Silence:
      1. Playing music through a speaker is not allowed.
      2. After 10 p.m., keep it quiet so that others can sleep.
      3. After 24 hours, you’re quiet.
    9. Dogs:
      1. Maximum 2 dogs per pitch.
      2. On our property it is kept on a leash and needs are done outside our premises.
      3. A dog may not cause a nuisance to fellow campers.
    10. Guest:
      1. Up to 2 people (including children) for up to 2 nights.
      2. Register guests one day in advance at the reception, for a fee guest rate.
      3. Guests sleep in your camping equipment or in small tent of max 4 m2 (max 1 on a pitch).
      4. Guests park their car in the parking lot on the right, in front of the barrier.
    11. Visit:
      1. Maximum 4 people (including children) per day.
      2. Please register your visit one day in advance at the reception, for a fee visitor fee.
      3. Visit park your car in the parking lot on the right in front of the barrier.
      4. Visitors have left the campsite before 10 p.m.

Article 4: Amendment

  1. Wenn you want to change something in your reservation, please let us know as soon as possible by e-mail or telephone. The following fees apply to changing your reservation:
    1. Free:
      1. Adding and depreciating electricity
      2. Adding and unbooking a dog
      3. Adjusting the composition of your camping group
    2. Subject to payment of an administration fee:
      1. Moving the booked period while maintaining the number of nights. Rescheduling a reservation can only be done once, within the relevant camping season and up to 4 weeks before the arrival date.Moving the booked period while maintaining the number of nights.
    3. According to our cancellation policy:
      1. Reducing the number of nights booked. For the cancelled nights we are entitled to compensation in accordance with our cancellation conditions as stated in article 5.
  2. If something happens that requires us to change your reservation, we will inform you as soon as possible by email.
    1. In the event of an increase in the burden on our side as a result of a change in charges and/or levies (e.g. energy prices, VAT and tourist tax), we may pass on these extra costs to you even after the agreement has been concluded.
    2. If our change deviates significantly, you always have the right to cancel the agreement without costs.
    3. If our change is a result of force majeure due to measures taken by the government, for example, then we follow the policy advised by the trade association HISWA-RECRON.

Article 5: Cancellation

  1. If you have to cancel all or part of your holiday before it has started (regardless of the reason), you will pay a cancellation fee on the cancelled part. If you have not yet paid the agreed costs in full, it may mean that you will still have to transfer part or all of the amount to us.Our cancellation policy is as follows:
    1. Within two weeks of the reservation date:
      1. No fees.
    2. After two weeks (as mentioned under a) but more than 4 weeks before the effective date:
      1.  50% of the agreed accommodation costs plus administration fees.
    3. Within 4 weeks before the effective date
      1. 100% of the agreed accommodation costs plus administration fees.
    4. If for whatever reason, you decide to arrive a day(s) later or to leave earlier than the agreed period, you are not entitled to a refund of the agreed price associated with the unused days.
  2. To avoid cancellation fees, it is possible to suggest another family that would like to take over your reservation as agreed. This should be done in consultation with us.
  3. Against the cost associated with a cancellation you can insure yourself. Taking out cancellation insurance is your own responbility.

Article 6: Interim termination by us

  1. We can terminatie our agreement early and with immediate effect if you, your fellow camper(s), your visitors or guest(s):
    1. does not properly comply with the conditions attached to the agreement, our ideas, our house rules and/or government regulations;
    2. causes nuisance on or in the immediate vicinity of the site;
    3. your actions endanger fellow campers, us or our immediate environment;
    4. the place and/or your camping equipment is used differently than purely for short-term tourist camping;
    5. are guilty of theft, vandalism, aggression, drug use, or racial, nature, or religious offensive expressions.
  2. If one of these situations occurs, we will warn you to eliminate the situation in question. If this is not complied with, we will terminate the agreement with immediate effect so your holiday and those of the persons associated with the reservation will end, resulting in eviction.
  3. After cancellation, you must have vacated your place and/or rental object of personal belongings and left the site within the time set by us (at least 4 hours).
  4. If you fail to do the mentioned in article 3, we are entitled to call in the police
  5. In the event of an interim termination, as provided for in paragraph 1, there shall be no refund.

Article 7: Liability

  1. We are liable for utility failures up to the point of takeover, unless we can invoke force majeure
  2. We are not liable for:
    1. An accident, theft or damage on our premises, unless this is the result of a shortcoming attributable to us
    2. The consequences of extreme weather conditions or other forms of force majeure.
  3. You are liable for:
    1. Disruptions in the part of the utilities, calculated from the takeover point to your camping equipment, unless there is force majeure.
    2. Damage caused to our site, our buildings and our inventory by your own actions or omissions, by that of your fellow camper(s), visitors or guest(s).

Article 8: Dispute resolution

  1. In the event of a dispute about the formation or execution of our agreement or the associated conditions, in which we cannot reach an agreement, you have the option of submitting the dispute to the cantonal court.
  2. All disputes relating to the agreement are governed by Dutch law. You and we are therefore bound by decisions of the court.

Article 9: Trade organisation

  1. If our terms and conditions do not provide for a certain issue, the terms and conditions for tourist camping as drawn up by the trade association HISWA-RECRON apply to that issue.

Article 10: Applicability

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all reservation agreements for the 2024 camping season from December 15, 2023.

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In 2024 we are open from July 6 to August 27 | summer vacation

We ask that you spend at least 3 nights with us in order to make a booking online. Are you interested in a spot for only two nights? Get in touch with us by email or phone.


We still have availability in the following summer weeks:

0-3 year camping spots: 6-19 July and 16-27 Aug.

2-7 year camping spots: 6-19 July and 16-27 Aug

6-10 year camping spots: 6-20 July and 16-27 Aug, in between that a spot without elektricity from 29-5 Aug and from 11 Aug  (this spot can only be reserved by email or phone)


If you are struggling to find an opening in our booking system, just give us a call of email to help you out: +31 (0)6 1121 3155 | info@campinglolotte.nl.

After completing your reservation, you will receive a confirmation by email. If you cannot find this email in your email, please check your spam folder.

Please note:

– You can camp with us with only 1 other befriended family. If you would like to camp with more, look for the green of a fellow campsite.

Caravans (including drawbar) longer than 6.5 meters and campers longer than 6.5 meters are not permitted.

Want to know more about our house-rules? Please check our terms and conditions.