Lolotte was born from our desire to play outside more. A natural playground where every tree can be the beginning of a new adventure. A child as our starting point. Our license to natural and risky play, for both children ánd their parents.



Lying in the grass together, watching the ants pass by. Or building a super rocket together, to discover the stars. At Lolotte we provide enough we-time for your family. No full-on animation program with loud announcements that take you out of your family rhythm, or activities which act as a glorified babysitting service. You’re free to decide whether you want to participate. Parents can always join in, so there’s enough time to be together and to do things together; we-time!


At Lolotte you camp together. Together with your family, but also with your neighbors, that nice family on the other field and together with us. You share stories around the fire, you look after other people’s children, and you lend a helping hand. We want everyone to feel welcome. This creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, which gives you space to be yourself. Simply, without fuss.



Every year, Lolotte develops a little further. Step-by-step. We very much believe in ‘do-it-yourself’. Exploring new things with the occasional tumble. We are not guided by labels, quality marks or investors. We believe in our own strength. Lolotte is therefore not a finished campsite, and maybe never will as we still have lots of new ideas.

We are strongly connected to our campsite, also during your stay. You will find Sharon at reception, Aart will help you out if your airbed has a leak. And we walk around the grounds for a chat every day.


We celebrate the sprawl of herbs and weeds, heat our swimming water with solar boilers and prefer to fix, upcycle or recycle old things rather than buy new ones. By making these choices we help to make our earth a bit greener. And don’t you agree green is nature’s most beautiful color?


Book with Lolotte


In 2024 we are open from July 6 to August 27 | summer vacation

We ask that you spend at least 3 nights with us in order to make a booking.


We still have availability in the following summer weeks:

0-3 year camping spots: 6-21 July and 9-27 Aug, in between that a spot from 19-23 July.

2-7 year camping spots: 6-23 July and 13-27 Aug, in between that only campingspots that are available for min/max 3 nights.

6-10 year camping spots: 6-25 July and 9-27 Aug, in between that a spot from 4-8 Aug, from 4-12 aug and from 10-15 Aug.


If you are struggling to find an opening in our booking system, just give us a call of email to help you out: +31 (0)6 1121 3155 |

After completing your reservation, you will receive a confirmation by email. If you cannot find this email in your email, please check your spam folder.

Please note:

– You can camp with us with only 1 other befriended family. If you would like to camp with more, look for the green of a fellow campsite.

Caravans (including drawbar) longer than 6.5 meters and campers longer than 6.5 meters are not permitted.

Want to know more about our house-rules? Please check our terms and conditions.