We go left where other children’s campsites go right. No bustling animation teams or a loud indoor play area, For us, it’s about discovering nature together or just getting dirty. We are a campsite for passionate peregrines, curious backyard adventurers, intrepid scouts (up to 10 years old) and their parents. In other words, we are a campsite for those who love playing outside!



At Lolotte you share stories by the fire, watch over other people’s children and lend a helping hand. This makes our atmosphere cozy and relaxed. And that gives you space to be yourself. Simply, without fuss. Check here to get to know more about us.


Our campsite has a spacious layout, so there’s plenty free space to relax or romp. And as our fields are divided by age and all have their own playground, friends are easy to find. You can read all about camping at Lolotte here.


Unfortunately, Lolotte does not offer space to everyone.

We’re not a campsite for:

  • Groups (more than 2 families).
  • Caravans or camper vans longer than 6.5 meters (including drawbar).
  • Campers who like to combine holiday with festival life.


Outside you will find everything! Sand, water, flowers and critters. There is plenty to discover in the green; from our play pond to our mud playground. Several times a week we also organize outdoor activities. Together, as in all our activities you as a parent participate. Read more about the activities at our campsite here.

Book with Lolotte


In 2024 we are open from

April 27 to May 12 | May holiday and subsequent Ascension weekend

May 17 to May 20 | Pentecost weekend

July 6 to August 27 | summer vacation

We ask that you spend at least 3 nights with us in order to make a booking.


– If you want to celebrate Ascension and Pentecost with us, make a booking for each weekend seperatly but at the same camping spot. You can then leave your camping equipmen for the days in between. Please indicatie this in the comment section.

– If you are camping with another family, please indicate this in the comment section by giving their familyname with which they made their reservation.

After completing your reservation, you will receive a confirmation by email. If you cannot find this email in your email, please check your spam folder.

Please note:

– You can camp with us with only 1 other befriended family. If you would like to camp with more, look for the green of a fellow campsite.

Caravans (including drawbar) longer than 6.5 meters and campers longer than 6.5 meters are not permitted.

Want to know more about our house-rules? Please check our terms and conditions.